Thursday, May 22, 2014

Remembering What Memorial Day is About

Three-day weekends don't come around often, so we like to really make the most of them.  There is a plethora of things to do here on the Central Coast -- concerts and festivals, hanging out at the beach, boating at the lake, BBQing at the park with friends and family, or going off-roading in the Pismo Dunes.  I could go on and on.  But what is the reason for the holiday?  To honor the nation’s men and women who have died serving in the military.  

If you are looking for a way to do just that, on May 26th at 11am, the annual Memorial Day Ceremony on the Pier in Pismo Beach will be held with Colonel David Cramer and other special guest speakers to honor and remember those we have lost. 

Whatever you do this holiday weekend, enjoy and be safe!

Heed the real meaning behind Memorial Day
Article courtesy of the Post-Tribune

The day is about the memories. It’s about not forgetting.

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, the first of our much-anticipated three-day weekends of the summer.

What we often forget is that it is, above all, a day for remembering.

First and foremost, we remember our brave men and women who have answered the call and put their lives on the line so that we might continue to live free.

It is no small sacrifice, especially for the wives, children, mothers and fathers who have lost their loved ones.

Writer W.J. Cameron once noted about Memorial Day, “Perform, then, this one act of remembrance before this day passes — Remember there is an army of defense and advance that never dies and never surrenders, but is increasingly recruited from the eternal sources of the American spirit and from the generations of American youth.”

If nothing else, we owe it to our heroes to, at the very least, pause and remember their courage and sacrifice this coming weekend.

The other thing that comes to mind on Memorial Day is how we remember all those who have gone before us, family and friends alike.

How do we honor them and keep the memory of their lives alive so that their lives remain meaningful?

A few of our neighbors have shared their own thoughts on the matter.

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Article courtesy of the Post-Tribune
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