Thursday, May 8, 2014

7 Ways to Make Sure Everybody Has a Good Time on Karaoke Night!

Karaoke Etiquette!

Karaoke is loads of fun! However, there are a few unspoken rules to follow to make sure that everyone has great time at a karaoke bar or party! Check them out below!

One Song at a Time!

General rule of thumb at a Karaoke Bar, or at a private Karaoke Party is to only put up one song at time. Nobody is going to have fun if there is just one person hogging the mic all night!

No Heckling the Singers!

Getting up and singing in front of a group of people can be terrifying for some! Even if someone’s performance isn’t stellar, please refrain from booing or heckling- it’s just plain rude!

Be Supportive  - Cheer for Everyone!

The fun thing about a Karaoke bar or party is the sense of community! Applaud and cheer for everyone who sings on stage- no matter how they performed! It encourages everyone to sing and makes everyone feel welcome.

Don’t Steal Someone Else’s Thunder!

Spontaneous duets can be fun, however, not everyone may appreciate it. If you were not invited to come up and sing on stage with the person singing - don’t do it! It’s not nice and you are stealing someone else’s moment.

Let People Choose Their Own Songs!

Nothing can be more nerve wracking than hearing your named called up to sing for a song you didn’t submit! People know what they feel comfortable singing and unless they give you the green light to choose a song for them, stick to choosing your own.

Respect the Equipment!

Karaoke equipment can be very pricey! Always be respectful of the equipment you are using. This means no swinging/dropping/throwing the microphone (it can easily be damaged and can be expensive to replace), no drinks on the speakers (if the drink spills the speaker is toast!) and no putting your feet on the monitors!

The Most Important Rule Of All..

Have fun!!! That’s what karaoke is about!

Written by Carrie of the Karaoke Lounge

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