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5 Health reasons to go to the beach more often

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Who doesn’t love palm trees, warm ocean breeze and the soft feeling of your toes in the fine sand? Sounds great right? But going to the beach, besides being a leisure experience, it can be also beneficial for your health. Here you are a few reasons why to consider to go to the beach more often.

1. Sun and Vitamin D
It’s true that the sun’s UV rays are harmful to our health, but all in excess is. In moderation, the sunlight can be beneficial as it manufactures vitamin D in the body.  Visit the beach in the early morning before the sun’s heat becomes strong. Then wear sunscreen and stay under the shade after you’ve gotten your morning sun. About 15 minutes of sun exposure in the early morning is enough to benefit you. Make sure you avoid direct exposure anytime from 10 am to 2 pm.

2. Swimming
Swimming is a low-impact exercise that gives the body a full workout. You also get to work on deep breathing, which improves the function of the body organs. And there is hardly any risk of injury. Have you ever heard of anyone spraining their ankle while swimming? Of course, there’s the danger of drowning or getting cramps but these can be avoided with proper precautionary measures. On top of that, swimming is enjoyable. It’s not like other forms of exercise that are tiring or tedious. You’ll never get bored of swimming especially if you do it with your family or friends.

3. Running on the Sand
Jogging is a good workout but unlike swimming, it can wear out the muscles in your legs. However with beach jogging you don’t have that problem. Jogging on sand doesn’t have as much negative impact on your leg muscles as jogging on pavement. Besides, the shifting sand provides a challenging traction so you can expect a full workout for your muscle groups. Even walking on the beach can give you that benefit. For best results, jog or walk barefoot.

4. Relaxation
There’s nothing as relaxing as the beach for a racing mind. High stress levels release toxins in the body that can lead to various kinds of health problems. Going to the beach can instantly soothe your psyche. Whether it’s sand building with the kids, or simply staring at the waves gently lapping on the sand – you can immediately get the gratifying relaxation that you badly need. And for those who want to elevate the relaxing experience, a beachfront massage is the way to go!

5. Physical Activities
Apart from swimming and jogging, the beach holds countless of opportunities for physical activities. For example, at Excellence Resorts you have included a lot of water sports that you can try like kayaking, windsurf, hobie cats and the stand up paddle board. You can also play beach volleyball, soccer or throw some Frisbee. When you’re at the beach, you can’t resist moving around as there are plenty of things to do. When you get moving, not only do you benefit your physical health but you also improve your mood since physical activity triggers the release of the happy hormones like the endorphins.

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