Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Come join us for our SUPERBOWL PARTY at Harry's in Pismo Beach

SUPERBOWL PARTY at Harry's Pismo Beach!

Harry's is the place to be on Superbowl Sunday! We will have free pizza, giveaways, raffles, beer bucket specials, and will be releasing our new Harry's Camo Hoodies for purchase!

Here's what's going on:
- Free to Enter
- Get 1 raffle ticket when upon entry.
- Buy 5 raffle tickets for $10.
- Get 5 raffle tickets for every $20 of merchandise you purchase.
- Get 10 raffle tickets when you buy one of our NEW Camo Hoodies, being newly released that day!
- Bud, Budlight & Coors Buckets for $21 (5 cans each bucket)
- FREE Pizza for everyone!

PRIZES include:
1. Harry's Gift Basket - 1st quarter raffle
2. JAGERMEISTER Speed Pour - Halftime raffle
3. Harry's Gift Basket - 3rd quarter raffle
4. JACK DANIEL’S Slim Shot Dispenser - End of Game raffle

**Need not be present to WIN.
*Must be 21 to enter, with ID.

*Live Music by Legends after the game.

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