Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Harry's CAR SHOW WEEKEND Music Lineup 06-16-2017 to 06-18-2017

The Little George Band

Genre:  Classic Rocks Covers

Band Members:

Aaron Marsolino - Guitarist
Michael Rizzuto - Guitarist
Tony Cavazo - Bassist
Chris Boehme - Drummer
George Galvez - Singer/ Owner

WEB: https://thelittlegeorgeband.wixsite.com/thelittlegeorgeband
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theLittleGeorgeBandrox/


When the idea of The Little George Band first came to be, there was only one truly amazing thought that came to mind; to deliver and perform with all the conviction and energy of the greatest bands and singers of our lifetime. George Galvez wanted to give his audience the memories of their youth with his amazing vocal qualities and his song repertoire. George Galvez has been performing along the state of California for over 12 yrs.

With each year and each venue George's audience grows and grows. The Little George Band is a widely popular and highly acclaimed rock/dance band from Southern California. The band is known for entertaining its audiences with lots of energy, while delivering a full and dynamic sound. This along with their magnetic charisma has landed them gigs anywhere from big festivals such as Battle of the Badges to small intimate settings such as weddings and wineries.

The inspiration behind George's great performances are based on the amazing talent of Elvis, Bono, Ronnie James Dio, Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, Steve Perry, Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox just to name a few. George Galvez has been named a vocal impressionist along with "The Voice" by his peers and many fans. He has had the great privilege of performing with some of the most amazing performers throughout California.

The Little George Band is not just your run of the mill, ordinary classic rock cover band. Its players along with George give their audience the energy and passion for the music that they all are looking for. A great performance and a good time is always provided for all.


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