Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter has Arrived!

10 Winter Cocktails for Cold Nights
By Vicki Santillano

Hot beverages are the perfect prescription for chilly autumn and winter nights. Fortified with brown liquors and heavy creams and spiced with seasonal flavors, like cinnamon and mint, these winter cocktails are comfort in a glass. Just one sip will make you feel a little toastier—and perhaps a little toasted, as well.

1. apple cider
This cocktail has all the standard accoutrements of the hot cider you remember as a kid, like cinnamon sticks and cloves, but with one adult addition: bourbon. Add orange slices for a festive, citrusy garnish. Get the recipe

2. peppermint patty
Already a cold weather staple, hot chocolate is made even better with a splash (or three) of peppermint schnapps. (Crème de menthe also works well.) It makes a decadent yet refreshing liquid dessert. Get the recipe.

3. mulled wine
Sometimes called Glühwein or glögg, mulled wine is red wine that’s been heated and mixed with sugar; spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cloves; and orange and lemon slices. Bon Appétit’s version incorporates brandy into the mix. Get the recipe.

4. cherry pepper martini
Though martinis aren’t hot temperature-wise, the pepper-infused vodka in this particular variety is sure to warm you up from the inside out. A little grenadine nicely complements the subtle heat in SheKnows.com’s winter cocktail. Get the recipe.

5. hot toddy
A hot toddy actually does wonders for a sore throat and stuffy head, thanks to its soothing ingredients, like honey and whiskey. A smidge of orange juice and a sprinkle of cinnamon help it go down even easier. Get the recipe.

6. irish coffee
This winter cocktail turns coffee naughty with the addition of Irish whiskey and a little whipped cream on top. This recipe comes from the Buena Vista, a famous café in San Francisco that first brought the drink to the United States. Get the recipe.

7. winter julep
Imbibe magazine’s winter take on the light, summery mint julep utilizes peppermint tea and brown sugar to create a drink that’s heartier without sacrificing any of the tastiness. Don’t forget the mint sprig! Get the recipe.

8. the blizzard cocktail
If you thought the Peppermint Patty sounded rich, check out the stats on the Blizzard, a cocktail featured on Martha Stewart’s website. It’s whiskey, hazelnut and Irish cream liqueur, and coffee, topped off with Grand Marnier whipped cream. Like the name implies, this is only for extreme sweet tooth situations. Get the recipe.

9. hot buttered rum
Hot buttered rum has all the makings of a delicious and comforting baked good: butter, brown sugar, powdered sugar, and heavy cream. It’s almost as if a buttery caramel cookie was melted down and poured into a mug, making the perfect winter cocktail. Get the recipe.

10. tom and jerry
A Tom and Jerry cocktail is similar to eggnog in both its taste and its association with the holidays. The main difference is that it’s served hot instead of cold, which enhances the bold flavors of the spice blend and the Jamaican rum in Epicurious.com’s recipe. Get the recipe.

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